At Canadian Blood Services, everything we do to keep pace with current needs is shaped by our focus on the future. We work every day to be more agile, responsive, efficient and service-oriented while maintaining the highest standards of safety and quality. At the same time, we’re transforming our operations to address changing demographics and the long-term priorities of Canadian health care. As we tackle immediate challenges, we think constantly of tomorrow. And our vision of what comes next is changing who we are today.

Following his leukemia diagnosis in 2016, Ottawa radio host “Stuntman” Stu Schwartz needed several blood transfusions and eventually a stem cell transplant to survive. Today he’s back at work and has resumed his active lifestyle, driving his “wife and kids crazy along the way.”


Delivering Value 
Today and Tomorrow

Canadian Blood Services manages a range of complex issues that affect all dimensions of the nation’s health systems. Addressing today’s needs alongside the expectations of tomorrow, we leverage our expertise in transfusion and transplantation medicine to help make improvements in three areas:

We manufacture and deliver safe, relevant, high-quality products and services, all aimed at improving the care and treatment of patients across Canada. Guided by our patient-centred approach, we ensure continued access to lifesaving products and services today and in the future.

In addition to providing reliable access to effective blood products, we facilitate organ, tissue and stem cell transplants and share innovative research. We leverage our collective expertise and national supply chain to reach across boundaries, addressing the current and future needs of the health systems and the people who rely on it.

We prudently manage the resources entrusted to us, creating the greatest positive impact as economically as possible on behalf of our provincial and territorial funding partners.