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There are many dimensions to our organization, but first and foremost, Canadian Blood Services is a biologics manufacturer. Although we operate as a not-for-profit organization with a social purpose — helping to deliver superior health care and improved patient outcomes — our business model is closer to that of a pharmaceutical company than a humanitarian agency. And at the heart of that model is the sophisticated production of high-quality blood products.

Over the past year, as we continued our evolution to a more integrated model of supply chain management, we refined our data-gathering and reporting capabilities to support more effective decision-making at every stage of the production process. From real-time tracking of donated blood units, to sourcing other biologics components, to distribution of safe and effective products to hospitals, our collective efforts are focused on optimizing the flow of work, materials and information. We maintain our commitment to rigorous product testing while continuing to improve our production facilities and helping to develop an enterprise-wide quality management system.

Colette Hruschka

Colette, a 22-year veteran of Canadian Blood Services, is a manager of quality assurance in Brampton, Ont. As one of five employees who were recognized with the Living Our Values award this year, she contributes to improving the quality of our products and services.