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In addition to blood donation, we also help enable organ donation through our Canadian Transplant Registry programs. And we work to match stem cell donations through our OneMatch Stem Cell and Marrow Network, as well as Canadian Blood Services’ Cord Blood Bank.

As a registered non-profit charitable organization, Canadian Blood Services welcomes financial donations that not only help to fund innovative research, but support initiatives to recruit and retain blood and stem cell donors. These donations are also critical to the success of larger initiatives such as Canadian Blood Services’ Cord Blood Bank, whose launch was made possible by the success of the $12.5 million Campaign For All Canadians. We are now exploring other areas where our fundraising team can achieve comparable impact.

Dennis and Donna Gudbranson

After Donna Gudbranson’s son, Dennis, received a lifesaving stem cell transplant as a child, the family began sharing their story to get others involved. Donna was also co-chair of the Ottawa committee of the recent campaign For All Canadians helping to raise funds for the national cord blood bank.