Financial Report
March 31, 2010
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Complete 2009/2010 Report
Management's Discussion and Analysis
Performance by Business Line
Organ and Tissue Donation
and Transplantation
Research and Development
Consolidated Financial Statements and Notes

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Our Business Lines
Within our Transfusable Products business line, we conduct all activities related to the supply of fresh blood products to hospitals such as donor recruitment; whole-blood, plasma and platelet collections; product processing, testing and distribution; and various support services.
    Through our Plasma Protein Products business line, we contract with third-party suppliers for the purchase of plasma protein products manufactured from commercial plasma sources and for the manufacture and distribution of select plasma products (albumin, immunoglobulins (Ig) and Humate P/von Willebrand Factor) from plasma collected from Canadian donors.
    Through our Stem Cells business line, we find and match volunteer donors with patients who require unrelated stem-cell transplants, provide consultation services to hard-to-match donors, screen donors on behalf of transplant centres, manage all aspects of the donor workup and actual collection and transportation of the units, and acquire umbilical cord blood units on behalf of Canadian transplant centres. We also operate the OneMatch Stem Cell and Marrow Network, whose registry is linked with more than 60 others worldwide.
    Our Diagnostic Services business line encompasses programs such as prenatal testing, human leukocyte antigen matching, phenotyping, therapeutic apheresis, autologous collections and stem-cell transplants. Most of this testing is done in central and western Canada with a small volume of referral work and autologous activities completed for other provinces and territories, excluding Prince Edward Island.